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Sigone 360-Degree type toothbrush

Sigone 360-Degree type toothbrush

S$45.00 Regular Price
S$24.00Sale Price

No. 1 Oral Care Bestseller with more than 3000 vets, pet shops and pet salons using in Japan!


360 Degrees Toothbrush = Easy Brushing!
Brush safely at any angle with a 360 degrees type brush.
Conventional toothbrush has a plastic base that can accidentally knock onto teeth while brushing, causing discomfort. The SigOne brush with its soft bristles is gentle in the mouth and even has a massaging effect! Without any struggling, you can brush your pet’s teeth in a shorter time than usual!


Using SigOne Toothbrush VS Other Dental Products

SigOne brush is proven to remove plaque and tartar more effectively than conventional toothbrushes or gauze toothbrushes.


Why it is not a good idea to use finger-type toothbrush or gauze?

Problem 1:
Your finger is too big for a cat’s mouth and may cause them to get stressed.
Problem 2:
You will not be able to reach the back of the mouth with your finger.
Problem 3:
Your finger also cannot remove tartar in between teeth.



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