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Roam Play Veal Crunchies Treats ( 150g )

Roam Play Veal Crunchies Treats ( 150g )


Small batch, AIR DIRED treats and chews, the perfect way to reward your furry friend.


Veal Crunchies are 100% NZ Veal Honey Comb Neck-bones. Honeycomb bone is softer, easier to chew and does not splinter like other bones. The complementary textures and flavours of air-dried meat and bone add another level of interest for your dog.



100% Veal Neckbone



Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 

60% (min)

Crude Fat 

7% (min)

Crude Fibre 

1% (max)


10% (max)


Feed Guide

Feed to your dog as a tasty training treat or snack. For the safety of your pet, observation is recommended when giving your pet treats or chews. This is intended as a treat only. This is not a complete diet. Ensure your dog has fresh water.

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