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Petrebels Natural Eco Lovers Caribbean Love 141

Petrebels Natural Eco Lovers Caribbean Love 141


THE CLASSIC! Caribbean feelings come up wherever PETREBELS NATURAL ECO LOVERS appear. The beach and the islands of Curacao and Grenada are not far away. CARIBBEAN LOVE 141 combines natural style with hot rhythms. The interaction of natural water hyacinth leaves (Typhia), robust jute fabric structure and soft plush emboss his typical style. CARIBBEAN LOVE 141 has a sturdy bottom plate of 4 cm thickness, a cozy box with easy entry and a sofa on the top. Cave and sofa are both equipped with extra cushions made of plush, which are removable and washable. A plush ball fixed at an elastic rope, provides the necessary variety and for entertainment. CARIBBEAN SUN 114 is ideal for small and normal-sized cats.

measurements: 48x48cm/height 141cm

product details:
plush quality: 500g/m2 in cream
plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread
pole diameter: 9cm
pole winding made of water hyacinth (Typhia) Ø 5,6mm
measurements sofa: 43x43cm/height 5cm
measurement box: 48x38cm/height 25cm
measurement board: 30x30cm/height 2cm
measurements center plateau: 45x35cm/height 5cm
measurements bottom board: 48x48cm/height 4cm
2 removable cushions/washable at 30 degrees
color: dark brown-cream
22 KG

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