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Petrebels Kings & Queens Elizabeth 135

Petrebels Kings & Queens Elizabeth 135


ELISABETH 135 is a modern corner model and is characterized by its compactness and its simple design. The sisal posts fit in color to the plush. This ensures a personalized touch of this tree. A plush ball mounted on the upper board, provides the necessary variety. Thanks to 4cm solid base plate, ELISABETH 135 stands firmly on the ground. ELISABETH 135 is suitable for all cats.

measurements: 40x40m/height 135cm

product details:
plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread
plush quality: 500g/m2
natural sisal black colored Ø 5,2mm
pole diameter: 9cm
measurements bottom board: 40x40cm/height 4cm
measurement box: 40x40cm/height 25cm
measurement center board: 40x40cm/height 2cm
measurement upper board: 30x30cm/height 2cm
color: royal-cream
12,6 KG

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