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Petrebels Champions Only Box 70

Petrebels Champions Only Box 70


ROCK THE BOX! Old fashioned and boring or angular and rocking?? With our new series BOX we answer to this question on our own. We combine a modern, open living atmosphere with a suitable habitat. We chose a format which catapults pleasure, mood and lifestyle into your living room. This beautiful piece also fits in any other place of your home. Sufficient scratching areas, reclining options and multiple areas of retreating transfer the BOX into an integral part of your inventory. And last but not least, the modern labeling guarantees the modern and trendy lifestyle impact. BOX – THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE!

measurements: 40x35cm/height 70cm

product details:
plush quality: 500g/m, grey
sturdy sisal carpet, colored in black, extra glued
1 removable cushions, washable at 30 degrees
color: grey
15 KG

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