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Oxbow Organic Meadow Hay ( 15oz )

Oxbow Organic Meadow Hay ( 15oz )

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Organic Meadow Hay is composed of a variety of naturally occurring grass hays providing an enticing combination of textures, fragrances and flavors. This organic combination provides a sweet and nutritious hay that is high in fiber and low in protein to keep a small animal digestive tract functioning properly. Sizes: 15 oz.



100% Organic Meadow Hay
Guaranteed Analysis

* Crude Protein min 10.0%
* Crude Fat min 1.50%
* Crude Fiber max 30.0%
* Moisture max 15.0%

Feeding Directions

Instructions: Place large handfuls of hay in your pets habitat daily. If your pet finishes what is given, offer more. Over 75% of your pets diet should be grass hay.

Grass hay is absolutely vital to the health of small herbivores. It provides not only fiber, but environmental enrichment that mimics your pets natural habitat. As the caregiver, it is your responsibility to offer your pet hay every day.

Hay is a variable product because it is grown in natural conditions. Each season creates hay that will look, feel and taste different. To avoid a picky eater resistant to these changes, offer your pet a variety of grass hays. Choose from Oxbows variety of high-fiber grass hays to enrich the life and health of your pet.

The USDA Organic Seal on this product indicates that over 95% of the ingredients in this product are produced by certified organic farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.

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