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Natural Pet Antifungal Gel / Lotion ( 20gram / 30ml )

Natural Pet Antifungal Gel / Lotion ( 20gram / 30ml )


These antifungal preparations contains the active ingredient, Terbinafine which is a broad spectrum antifungal and is effective against skin infections caused by fungus, yeasts and moulds such as ringworm, hots spots and Schnauzer bumps. It is more effective than other topical antifungals (eg. Clotrimazole and Oxiconazole) because it kills fungus causing the skin infections (fungicidal) and does not just inhibit the growth of fungus (fungistatic). It has shorter duration of treatment in comparison to other topical antifungals. It is considered to act through inhibition of fungal sterol synthesis. It works by preventing the formation of substances needed by the fungus to grow and develop, which causes weakness and death of the fungus. Fungi grow rapidly especially in hot and moist weather. Fungal infections affecting pets are most commonly found on the skin, coat and nails. In dogs, about 70% of cases are caused by Microsporum canis, 20% by Microsporum gypseum, and 10% by Trichophyton mentagropphytes; in cats, 98% of cases are caused by Microsporum canis. Both gel and lotion contain waterproof agent and this antifungal gel does not contain water. Moisture is a risk factor and can promote growth of fungus. The waterproof agent provides water resistance and protects the infected areas. Penetration enhancers help to promote better absorption and increase bioavailability of the active drug. Enhanced penetration ensures that the active drug reach deeper into infected areas and also ensures higher retention rate of drug. It also contains ingredient that help to soothe dry flaky skin and promote faster healing.




DIRECTIONS OF USE: Suitable for all breeds of dog, cat and small animal. Clean and dry the infected skin thoroughly before application. Then, apply a thin layer of the gel or lotion onto the infected skin once or twice daily. Rub the gel or lotion gently. Continue the treatment for 1 to 2 weeks. To prevent recurrence, the treatment should be continued for at least 1 to 2 weeks after all signs of infection have cleared. A longer treatment period may be needed for severe cases. The above treatment may be repeated if the infection recurs. If the condition does not improve or gets worse, please consult a veterinarian. For external use only. Avoid in contact with eyes, nose and mouth. Not to be taken. For animal use only. PACK SIZE: 30ml lotion and 20g gel.



The infected area should be thoroughly clipped down close to the skin. Avoid causing any irritation on the skin to prevent spreading. Clippers and other grooming tools used by the infected pet should be cleaned with disinfectant. Always keep the infected area thoroughly clean and dry, especially in between the claws and skin fold area. If the infected area become itchy, use an E-collar on your pet to prevent scratching which can damage the skin further and cause spreading. Confining your pet to one room of the house until treatment has finished or fully cured. Wash all collars, combs, towels, clothes, soft toys, baskets, bedding, pet carriers and litter boxes with disinfectant and discard any items that cannot be washed. Do not share these items with other pets as infection can be easily spread through sharing. Thoroughly clean all hard surfaces in the house where your pet has been. Vacuum any carpeted areas and throw away the vacuum cleaner bag once done.

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