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Happi Doggy Pumpkin & Mountain Yam Digestive Support Dental Chew ( 150g )

Happi Doggy Pumpkin & Mountain Yam Digestive Support Dental Chew ( 150g )

S$10.90 Regular Price
S$9.27Sale Price

Distilled from essential plant oils, Active+ is an active ingredient that cleanses and protects teeth against bacteria buildup.
It relentlessly kills bacteria and eliminates bad breath. 


  • Keeps GI Tract Lining Healthy
  • Strengthens Digestive System Functions
  • Helps Add Bulk To Stool 

    Mountain Yam: 
  • Provides Support To Immunity System
  • Reduces Risk Of Colon Cancer
  • Enables Optimal Digestion & Absorption of Nutrients 

    Natural Remedies
    Fabulous Source of fiber. Rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Aids indigestion and constipation. 

    Petite - 2.5" Regular - 4" 

    4x Brush Bristle Head
    Designed for maximum reach and enhanced cleaning. Strengthens teeth and gums. Removes Plaque. 

    Prebiotics & Probiotics
    For maximum intestinal balance. 

    Pumpkin, Mountain Yam, Wheat Protein Isolate, Flaxseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Powered Cellulose, Monosodium Phosphate, Natural Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Natural Minerals : Calcium, Magnesium, Maganese, Zinc. 

    Nutritional Analysis
    Crude Protein 52% min, Crude Fats 55% mion, Crude Fiber 0.49% min, Moisture 13% min, Calcium 0.3% min, Total Phosphorus 0.2% max, Ash 1% max.
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