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Fresh Breeze Extreme Hard Surface Floors (32oz)

Fresh Breeze Extreme Hard Surface Floors (32oz)

S$18.90 Regular Price
S$15.12Sale Price

For clean up of new and old problem areas

Odor neutralizers permanently eliminate odors, not just masking the scent. Professional strength, purely natural cleaner eliminates pet stains and odors deep in cracks and crevices. 2-in-1 cleaning and odor removal discourages remarking with exclusive HabitBreaker.  Effective on old and new problem areas.

  • Hard Wood
  • Viny
  • Laminate
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Concrete


Purified Water, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Plant-Based Cleaning Agent (Non-Ionic Surfactant), Plant-based Ethanol, Proprietary HabitBreaker™ Odor Neutralizer. Contains No Phosphorus, Contains No Bleach.

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