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Fresh Breeze Extreme Carpet and All Floors (32oz)

Fresh Breeze Extreme Carpet and All Floors (32oz)

S$22.90 Regular Price
S$18.32Sale Price

Exclusive HabitBreaker™ technology is a Dual Phase bio-enzymatic process that will remove organic stains (feces, vomit and urine). Completely eliminates the odor at the source which discourages repeat marking. Stop the habit, naturally!

• Carpet            

• Concrete

• Upholstery      

• Hard Wood

• Vinyl                

• Ceramic Tile

• Laminate


Purified Water, Natural Non-Pathogenic Bacteria, Natural Enzymes, Proprietary HabitBreaker™ Odor Neutralizer, Detergent and Fragrance. Contains No Phosphorus, Contains No Bleach.



Before use, remove excess solid or liquid waste. Test on a hidden area for color fastness. Do not use on leather or wool.

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