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Ener-Chi (New life) for puppies/kittens & pregnant ( 200g )

Ener-Chi (New life) for puppies/kittens & pregnant ( 200g )

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Ener-Chi New Life is a 100% natural supplement formulated to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients from your pets’ diet. During these critical stages of life, your pet need to be in optimal healthy condition for growth and development.

Benefits for pregnant and Puppies/Kittens:

  • Support and enhance natural immune system
  • Improves Digestion & Absorption of nutrient
  • Enhance metabolism & appetite
  • Promotes tissue and organ development
  • Boost blood cell production; prevent anaemia
  • Prevent depression; boost recover and nursing
  • Reduce hair loss during nursing & reduce allergies


Just sprinkle on food. May dissolve in water for hand feeding if desired. For puppies & Kittens, best given from 6-8 weeks old to 12 months old. For pregnant pets, best given from conception to 1 month after weaning.

Recommended Daily intake:

Below 2.5kg …..1/2 scoop

2.5 – 5kg ………..1 scoop

5 – 15kg ………….2 scoops

15 – 25kg ………..3 scoops

Over 25kg……….4 scoops


Shan Yao (Rhizoma diosscoreae), Lotus See(Semen nelumbinis), Brown Rice, American Ginseng, Marine Fish Extract, Vanilla.

Packing: 200g

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