Cuppycake ( beef / pork / chicken & more )

Cuppycake ( beef / pork / chicken & more )


 Price stated are for 3 cuppycakes

Cuppycake that not only look pretty, it is also super yummy! There’s always a great way to treat your furkids to something yummy!

Ingredients :
-choice of meat

Do let us know if you would like to exclude any ingredients if your furkids are allergy to any of these!

Important note!
-Please check if your pet can consume the ingredients as stated above
-We will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions arising from the consumption of our treats
-As our product does not contain any preservatives, it is best to consume fresh on the day of delivery!
-to be stored in refrigerator right after collection & consume within 3 days. Best to heat up before feeding to your furkids!