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Chitocure Conditioner ( 480ml / 1 Gallon )

Chitocure Conditioner ( 480ml / 1 Gallon )

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The specially formulated Chitocure Conditioner goes straight to where their fur coat needs it most.  

This Conditioner uses a formula that is enriched with Chitosan. 

Chitosan is a natural anti-bacterial deodorant obtained from crab and shrimp shell. 

It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and helps to remove and prevent bacterial, fungal and yeast growth on your pup's skin and coat. 

This conditioner also contains a rich blend natural coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamin E that results in a deeply moisturising formula. 

It can effectively repairs cuticle gap, so that coat colour is more radiant and smooth. 

This gentle formula does not contain any irritating chemical compositions and can prevent itching and discomfort for dry skin and coat. 

Product Size
Available in 480 ml and 1 gallon. 

Aqua, Chitosan, Natural Coconut Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vitamin E. 

1. Wet coat with warm water.
2. Apply small amount of shampoo into the palm if your hands and apply to your pet starting at the head and work your way back.
3. Massage lather into skin and work thoroughly into the coat. Use more shampoo as necessary.
4. Rinse until water is clear.
5. Towel dry and brush or comb fur.

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